A long journey in self development starts with a few small steps

There is a major difference between being in Control and being Controlling

The Truth has No Expiry date 

It is never too late to be honest and take a right step no matter how small 

Condition your thoughts

What thoughts are you thinking ?

Are they predominantly positive or negative?

Are they self helping or self destructive ?

Do your thoughts support your best awesome self ?

Are you scaring yourself or building yourself up ?

Do you think they are toxic or non toxic ?

Are your thoughts your friends or more like your enemies ?

Do you really want to live out the experiences that these thoughts will give you ?


Remember you can make yourself well with your thoughts or you can make yourself ill 


You are the ONLY thinker in your mind ! '

Simply writing the answers do these questions is a brilliant starting point to analysing your own thoughts and starting your journey to improvement and being your best self ! 

You deserve it ! 


 Do yourself a favor 


Feel free to comment or share your experience 

Progress is better than Perfection

Something is better than Nothing 

What multiplies the more we share ? 










My Magic Pencil

Recently, I read a story to my son called ' Malala's Magic Pencil ' and I found it very inspiring. 

If I had a magic pencil I would draw a world where the crime rate was plummeting 

 I would draw a world where people lived safely in their own homes without fear of abuse.

Peace in the world starts with peace in the mind. I would draw a world where people slow down to think and reconsider before committing malicious acts. I would draw the minds of potential villains and bullies being reformed; rewiring taking place where people are proud to be in touch with their human sides. I wish for emotional control to be so powerful to enable resistance to cruel and harmful behaviour. Evolution could progress so well that we humans develop such a high degree of emotional intelligence that our own thoughts would not cause harm to us or others, instead they would enable our best selves to flourish.

I want to speak on behalf of those who have lived in fear and have been controlled by the negative thoughts of others.

Let us raise our voices together in chorus to oppose those harmful, destructive and aggressive thoughts. There are no current world wars. The wars continue in peoples' minds. With my Magic Pencil I would draw mind tools to motivate and guide people to challenge their harmful thoughts. My dream and passion is to see a world where people want to refine and condition their minds. For peoples' minds resisting impulsive harmful thoughts thus preventing horrific acts. 

How would such a world be ?